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Les Hors-Lits Belfort-Tunis #1

Mohamed ChnitiMeriem BouajajaChourouk El MahatiMohamed LamqayssiAngela VanoniZoé JohnsonAL BADIL

Since 2005, Hors-Lits provides artistic performance opportunities in local residents’ homes. Created by Léonardo Montecchia i...


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Anton Ovchinnikov

On February 24, 2022, on the evening of the day when Russia began its war of conquest with Ukraine, I urgently left Kyiv and ...


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Live Streaming Performance
Dance Festival
Studio Presentation

BIPOD 2022


This 18th edition of BIPOD takes place in Lyon & Beirut, with a live streaming program on digital platform. We g...

open studio

Cent Mille Façons de Parler

Omar Rajeh

'In the silence of love you will find the spark of life' - RUMI This open Studio is a short presentation of the work proces...


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Film Festival

International Short Film Competition of the DAN.CIN.FEST 2022


After 2 years of waiting, DAN.CIN.LAB is finally celebrating the 10th anniversary of its international festival dedicated to ...


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Video dance

Videodance program 2021, to end the year

Mercat de les Flors

Mercat says goodbye to the year with an extensive and varied programming of video dance films. Some of the works have been co...


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Live Streaming Performance

cellar & secrets BEYOND REASON

DIN A 13 tanzcompany

cellar & secrets BEYOND REASON, choreography by Jordi Cortés with the DIN A 13 tanzcompany under the direction of Gerda König...

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