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    Anton Ovchinnikov

    On February 24, 2022, on the evening of the day when Russia began its war of conquest with Ukraine, I urgently left Kyiv and ...

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    A group of people emerges from the water. They try to work against the current of the river and the crowd of people in the ci...

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    Come Rain or Shine


    How to overcome a harsh environment? People are living like ants. Sunlight may not be inevitable, but rain may bring clarity ...

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    Hank does not fit in. Riding his motorcycle enables him to clear his mind. Riding over 130kmh everything turns black and whit...

    Live Streaming Performance

    ARA! ARA!

    Ginevra Panzetti Enrico Ticconi

    As slipping out of the cloth of constantly fluttering flags, heraldic symbols take form and weight. Chimerical beings and one...

    Studio Presentation

    Flowing Connection

    Fabian Thomé

    We will start by awakening the body with breathing exercises working from the joints towards the movement, to be able to flow...

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    The Odor of Elephants after the Rain

    Omar Rajeh

    In 2019, Omar Rajeh, the choreographer, begins a series of explorations that will lead him to unprecedented questions: The fo...

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    A Short term Effect | Alexandre Roccoli

    Alexandre Roccoli draws his inspiration from the source of possession dances as they may have appeared in Morocco, particular...

    Live Streaming Performance

    Moi Je

    Fabian Thomé

    When we look at each other, I forget if it's me who looks at you or who you look at. The idea we have of ourselves is not tha...

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    Turbulent Flow

    Natasha Karam

    Turbulent flow is an expression of time and space. It was shot in the Lebanese mountains during a time of transition as well ...

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